Ramon Trusk

Far Cry Primal - a good candidate for the title - Game of the year

At the end of the year, when will be made a top with the best games of 2016, Far Cry Primal will most certainly be among top selections. This game represents that step that was needed to reinvigorate the series and Ubisoft has shown that is not afraid to try something new from time to time. You all may probably know some details regarding the game, but I will try, however, to explain briefly the story in the following lines - find all info.

In the game Far Cry Primal the action take place in the year 10.000 BC. Hr. and you will play the role of Takkar, a tribesman of Wenjie, who is looking for his comrades throughout the area of a mysterious land called Oros. During a hunt, all group members are killed either by mammoths or tigers, so you will have to start looking lost members that have survived.

Along the way, once you find them, you will learn how difficult is their situation in the land of Oros. Like animals would not have been a huge threat, Wenjie tribe has to do with two horrible, rivals groups, very violent and apparently much better armed. On the one hand, we have the Udam tribe, whose members have the unpleasant habit of eating Wenjie tribe, believing it makes them more powerful. I don't really know how true this is, but it certainly makes this situation ten times more scary. So do not be surprised is at first you will see some Udam members gathered around a fire eating Wenjie members.

On the other hand, we have Izila tribe. Unlike Udam tribe, Izila don't eat Wenjie members. Instead, they prefer to capture this tribe and set them on fire, sacrificing them in the name of a goddess of their own. Izila will put much greater problems than Udam, primarily because their main weapon: fire. You see, Izila are that kind of crazy that will set on fire (with absolutely no remorse) a few kilometers of forest to catch one single man. Often, during fighting with them, the only option is to withdraw or continuous movement, for not being encircled by fire and to die.

This is the story and the rest of details you wll discover by yourself when you will play this game - get new details.

The gameplay is the main point of this game. The main story, the system of progressions, the enemies, resources that need to be gathered, animals that need to be tamed and maps that should be explored, these all come together to give birth to one of the most fun games I had the occasion to play in the last period of time - click for best tips.

By Far Cry Primal, Ubisoft has managed to save an important series from the fate that Assassin's Creed had. All items in the game combine in an ideal way and for this reason this game should be the game of the year.